About us

About Us

For 25 years, our team of Engineers and Consultants has dealt exclusively with all aspects of processing digital documents.

From the early DM Systems to the most up-to-date ECM and BPM ones, we have been instrumental in delivering these solutions to hundreds of our customers.

It is this exclusive specialization combined with our constant interaction with large Shipping Companies that focused our attention on the increasing need for a solution to email team sharing.

On one hand, a large number of organizations uses Outlook as an email platform. Microsoft makes sure that the functionality of its MS-Exchange and MS-Outlook offering is constantly updated although groupware functionality is desperately missing.

On the other hand, many organizations and especially shipping ones are forced to use specialized systems that focus on the specific problem. However, developing supporting and constantly updating such a system demands large investment, as a result a large number of these system are falling by the wayside. 

It is this conflicting situation that leads us to attempt the most interesting path. To develop a software suite that enhances MS-Exchange and MS-Outlook into the Groupware World.

Six years later Astris Teamware was born.

This is a world first in providing this functionality and the rapid increase internationally of our user base, confirms it.