Astris Teamware

Astris Teamware

Groupware functionality for Microsoft's Outlook / Exchange ecosystem

In today’s office environment the handling of documents in electronic form is daily routine.

The bulk of these documents end their life in the form of an email sent to several recipients.

There is a number of email systems around, but we can safely state that with over 400m users Microsoft’s Outlook/Exchange ecosystem has the largest market share of the enterprise market.

However, despite its success there is a number of fundamental limitations in its use:

  • Outlook is designed as a Personal tool when most of today’s enterprises would be better served by a tool targeting groups, teams or departments.
  • Outlook, as the main handler of email, ends up being used as a Mail storage facility, something it was not designed for and cannot cope with.
  • Users are forced to maintain a large number of Cc’d documents within Outlook just in case they need them one day, further increasing its load.
  • Users can find ONLY mails they have themselves received in the past and not every mail they should have access to.
  • Finally, the lack of “Groupware” functionality generates a storm of Cc’d mails within the enterprise in order to keep everyone updated.

At the end information is lost in the storm.

MetaDocs Ltd, having encountered these serious limitations while working with its Corporate Customers, has developed a major enhancement for both MS-Outlook and MS-Exchange, which provides all the functionality that these two platforms are lacking.

This is Astris TeamWare.

  • Outlook users can now receive all departmental and group emails to be kept aware of all new mails and subsequent responses while also retaining their normal, personal inbox use.
  • Their own Outlook serves only as transient storage for a short period of time while all mails, fresh and old, along with all other company documents can be found on demand in a Central Corporate storage facility.
  • The Company/Organization can now rely on a new Corporate Central Storage for all its documents, providing all the additional security necessary for such valuable content.
  • The Astris TeamWare Solution does not replace but enhances MS-Outlook and MS-Exchange so the Organization benefits from Microsoft’s long term development strategy and reliability instead of having to rely on various 3rd party solutions with an uncertain future.


For more information, please send us an email at: info@metadocs.eu