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Major Gas Transmission System Operator


  • Digital archive of technical documents
  • Integration with the existing Document Control Application.
  • Ready to expand to Configuration Management functionality.


  • Raises geographical boundaries – Unifies the organization – Enables uniform business culture
  • Eliminates local archiving
  • Provides direct access to the last valid version of documents.
  • Standardizes the security model.
  • Enables the constructor to digitize the documentation and deliver it to the operator.


  • Enterprise Informatics (EI) eB DocManager
  • EI eB DocRouting
  • EI eB v.14
  • Integration Services

Major Gas Transmission System Operator

Market Sector: Energy

The best time to update a CM system is during the construction phase, by the constructor. So, the plants and infrastructure will be delivered including their digital documentation in terms of operation and maintenance

IT & Communications Manager

The Challenge

During the company’s 15 years of experience in large construction projects involving independent project manager and then operation and use of the constructed infrastructure, the significance of maintenance of technical documentation became obvious.

Problems that have arisen from time to time include difficulties in coordination between the involved parts during design and construction phases, in terms of technical documentation, as long as difficulties of the operation personnel to utilize the as-built documentation and to maintain it during the life cycle of delivered infrastructure.

The Solution

To address these problems, the Company decided to use eB Information Manager by Bentley Systems. The adoption of this system concurred with the deployment of the same system as a platform for the management of correspondence documents of the company. The new system was integrated with the previously existing DCC (Document Control Center) system that was used by the Technical Archive in order to register all the meta-data of the technical documents, so the migration of documents, data and methods would become as smooth as possible.

This solution enabled the Company to develop a centralized archive of technical documents providing web access to every interested part from all geographic areas of the country. So that, every person in the organization can access every technical document, regardless of geographical location and eliminate local archiving and all the problems of its maintenance.

Next step will be to extend the system’s functionality to Configuration Management (CM), with the new eB v.14. Facing the large projects of the 4th Community Support Framework is probably the right time to include the digitized documentation of these projects in the deliverables, in terms of CM principles. So that:

(a) The know-how of the projects will be delivered as a whole, in an accurate and friendly manner to the operator and its maintenance will be secured for the entire life-cycle of the infrastructure.

(b) the operation and maintenance of the projects will become more efficient, more safe and more controlled.

Interesting Facts

  • Many of the 400 users  of the corporate document management system have access (according to their position and role) to the electronic archive of technical documents.
  • 8 Document Gates (that receive or send correspondence) all over the country, digitize every technical document attached to any incoming or outgoing correspondence.
  • More than 1.000.000 pages, varying from Α4 to Α0 in image or AutoCAD format are included in the electronic technical archive and are available to the users.

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