Metadocs’s Consultants and Engineers have been working along the years with a number of well-known International Products in the DM and BPM sectors.

Our aim was always to provide elegant solutions focused on the customer’s particular needs.

For the past 15 years we are focused on:

  • Knowledge Worker by Ideagen PLC (UK)
    This excellent product has been used in a large number of cases of the middle of the way office environment.
  • eB by Bentley Systems (USA)
    This is a state of the art Document/Configuration Management product that we have installed in the Banking, Energy and the Construction sectors.

Along the years a large number of special applications have been developed by our people for the above products, ranging from Invoice Processing, Private Banking …. to Loan Approval and Personnel Appraisal

25 years has brought its results.

Asset Lifecycle Information Management Software

Enterprise Content Management