Knowledge Worker

IdeaGen PLC was established in 1997 in the UK originally under the name Datum International and specializes in Knowledge and Content Management software that enables enterprises to best handle all electronic content, documents and files.

Since 2006, the core team of the MetaDocs engineers have been providing  powerful solutions to a range of common business problems faced by every modern organisation based on IdeaGen's KnowledgeWorker®. As a collaborative environment KnowledgeWorker addresses a variety of management issues within a single user-friendly software platform. KnowledgeWorker forms the glue that can bind an organisation together by communicating through one Content and Process Management tool.

KnowledgeWorker Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solution is the easy way to store and organise paperwork and electronic files digitally, with an automatic audit trail and the incorporation of workflows to automatically route documents around the organisation. Its sophisticated search engine ensures that information can easily be found, doing away with lost or misfiled documents.

Employees can spend up to 40% of a working day looking for emails, documents and presentations with all the added problems of untangling issues with versioning, ownership, and reformatting. KnowledgeWorker addresses every aspect of content & document management, storing, indexing, classifying and cataloguing information from all sources including electronic documents, scanned documents, web forms, email, and output from core business applications.

A complete Web Services API allows to Document and Workflow-enable any third party application such as ERP, Human Resources and CRM applications. The system combines all of the content administration with workflow, effectively integrating information content with the organization's business processes.

Detailed information can be found at the Document Management & Workflow